Site44: Static Web Hosting For Your Webscript-Powered App

Webscript provides a very clean and simple way to execute code in the cloud. One of the best uses for Webscript is as a backend for an HTML-based application. In fact, many of the Webscript examples employ websites that are little more than forms that send their contents to Webscript.

While one could generate HTML from Webscript, it’s not particularly convenient to do so. Better would be a hoster that could serve static HTML/JavaScript/CSS that makes AJAX calls to Webscript for any server-side work. Planet Rational's other service, Site44, provides just that kind of hosting. Site44 turns a Dropbox folder into a website. Site44 is free for low-traffic websites and has paid plans for higher capacity websites.

We have worked to make the combination of Site44 and Webscript as powerful as we can without compromising either’s simplicity. To that end, we support integration between Site44 and Webscript that eliminates the need for any cross-domain calls by proxying AJAX calls from Site44 websites directly to a Webscript subdomain.

Enabling this integration takes just a few easy steps, which are outlined in Site44’s documentation: Webscript Integration With Site44.

For those of you building HTML-based applications, we hope you enjoy the combination of Site44 for hosting and Webscript for backend scripts.