Accessing Cosm From Webscript

Charalampos Doukas recently blogged about how to access Cosm data with Webscript. We mentioned Charalampos before, when we blogged about his solution for heartbeat monitoring.

This time, he's using Cosm to collect data streams and Webscript to access them. Cosm is a popular service for "Internet of Things" devices (like Arduinos). Devices can publish data streams to Cosm, where that data is easy to visualize. Cosm also has an API, which Charalampos is using to retrieve and process data. He built his own Lua library for the Cosm API, which supports fetching a day's worth of data and computing simple statistics on it. In his blog post, he uses this library to send himself periodic summaries of the data.

Read the full post on Charalampos's blog: Using Webscript With Cosm.

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