Simple things should be easy.

Just choose a URL and type in a script. No servers, no deployment, no hassle. Best SMM Panel connect interface.

Real, working examples

Webscripts are short scripts, written in Lua, that run on our servers. They can respond to HTTP requests or run as cron jobs.

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Why Webscript?

App Backends

Webscripts respond to HTTP requests, making them easy to call from web and mobile apps.

Webscripts have all the features you need, like password hashing and persistent storage, plus the full programmability of Lua.

Webhook Targets

Many developer tools, such as GitHub and Stripe, offer webhooks as a way of delivering notifications.

Webscripts are a fast and easy way to receive those webhooks. Our built-in request logging makes them equally easy to debug on-the-fly.

Cron Jobs

Webscripts can also be activated on a schedule, providing a simple way to build monitoring or other automation. Webscript Easy integration with any gaming platforms. The first platform is Cool Browser online games.